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Benefits of a Corporate App Store

With the great uptake of mobile apps in the world of business today, in the coming years there are so many companies that will be depending on the mobile apps to get their work done. There are so many organizations that allow the employees to be able to use the third-party applications. The apps are available to the general public through the common play store services like the one for Google and Apple. This is where you get to have customer application that you can get from the other app stores in the market and some you even get to pay for.

The public app market place with time is proving to become a great danger zone in the world of business. Any business has to be cautious of the public app store. This is why the corporate app store has been adopted over the last few years. Through this platform you have the ability to access and get your own applications there. Here you get through a corporate app store is that it is a web store. Through this you are able to get a web portal and get relevant business applications that you can use for the running of the businesses. The data and applications to be used in the business can be secured through this. There are so many benefits you get to have a company have a corporate app store.

You will be able to enjoy great privacy in the organization. There are many scenarios where you get the app to contain confidential information about your work as a company. If you have this info in the public you will suffer a lot. This helps you eliminate the number of irrelevant people that get to access your information for the company.

There are no restrictions when you are dealing with an enterprise app store. There are stringent restrictions for instance when you get an app through Apple’s App Store. The only limit that you will have when you are working with the enterprise app store is the sky. This gives you the authority and the ability to regulate the member’s access in the business.

Companies through their enterprise app store are able to have a consolidation of the paid apps. You only get to install apps there that you use for yourself or as a business. For the purpose of the business and the work the organization is doing, it is possible for the organization to get a license for a developer to pay as a company and distribute the app for use by the organization. Through this way you are able to get more employees using the same application.

There is a lot of convenience through the corporate app store. The moment a new application is introduced you don’t have to start looking for in the google play. You just need to get a push notification through the enterprise app store.

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