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What You Should Know About the Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is the term that is used to refer to the various services which facilitate posting of website pages on the internet by the various organizations and institutions. The term web host may be used for the purpose of referring to the company which offers the web hosting services. Another term which may be used to refer to a web host may be a web hosting service provider. The web host may also offer other services which are meant to help in the viewing of a website in the internet. Everyday, numerous websites are created and hence increasing the number of companies that offer the web hosting and the related services.

A web host usually has special type of computers that are usually meant for storage of web pages. The term server, is used to refer to this computers. The most basic requirement that one will need so as to visit a certain web site is the address of the web page. The term web domain, is the technical term that is used to refer to the address used to access a website. When one accesses a particular website, his computer will be then connected to the web servers whereby the resources of that particular web page will be availed to his computer.

The web hosting companies will require one to have a domain so that the web hosting may be completed. Most of the web hosting companies will offer the web domains especially when a client does not have one. Where this is the case, the web hosting company will generally facilitate the client to have a domain. A web host is usually associated with a number of features.

One of the things that one will expect from any web host is the provision of email accounts. The domain name is what will be used by the web hosting service provider for the purpose of creating the email accounts. The file transfer protocol, i. e. , FTP is another feature to expect from a web host. The functions of the File Transfer Protocol is to facilitate file upload to the servers for the local personal computers of the web users. Where the website has been created using the HTML files, the transfer of the files from the local computers to the web servers will in this case be achieved through the FTP. The web site then becomes accessible after such files have been uploaded to the web server.

The next feature is the support for WordPress. This may be seen as the system used for the content management of the website. WordPress may also be used to create a web site but in this case, online. WordPress is also used to power some of the web site that are in use today.

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